Give me Liberty…..or Give Me Goetze! Ahhhh, Just Give Me Goetze.


When I was little-little Kid, I went to the local movie theater with my older sister.  Mom gave us money for candy and drinks. My sister was a snow-caps kid, I was a caramel cream kid.  That was my go-to candy at the theater, even into my teen years.  Then I gave up candy in exchange for a two piece bathing suit.

Many years and bathing suits later, I found myself standing in line at a Walgreen’s.  There, on a display table filled with old time movie candy, I spotted a box of caramel creams.  I picked up one box, then another, and then another.  (I felt  like I was gold panning  at Fort Knox!) The kid at the checkout cracked a smile (probably thinking, “hey…guess you’re not interested in getting into your bathing suits this summer…huh”). No matter, I was about to experience the candy of the gods, heading into the promised land, and not sharing.

I ate those caramels…. all three boxes.  And, without shame.  Of couse….it’s only March.  I’m sure come April or May, I will be angry at myself for bingeing on caramels. (Laughing) Not really.


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