Let’s Re-do the Bathroom!

out house  (Current bathroom.  OK…just kidding, but it’s close).

“Let’s redo the bathroom!” I’m pretty sure there isn’t a woman on this planet that wouldn’t love to hear those words out of her hubby’s mouth.  Except maybe me.  At first I was shocked.  Changing things around the abode is not something my man is ever in favor of.  So upon hearing this request, my first thought was “what did you do?” and then “are you in some kind of trouble?” followed by “what did you do?”  I thought he was buttering me up for some bad news story soon to follow. Maybe, I thought, he had a little extra change in his pocket from lottery winnings he didn’t want to share with me, or maybe he wanted to buy something really big for himself and didn’t want me to squawk about it, …or maybe he was just tired of me talking about how outdated the pink toilet is.


Well, turns out he liked what our friends were doing to their houses, so he decided it was just time for an update (and he’s no longer fond of the pink toilet, oh and the kitchen was going to cost way more to do than the bathroom.)


So today, I’m on the hunt!  I’m trapping colors, fishing for ideas, and tracking the best looking bathrooms, and all on a very, supervised budget. That doesn’t matter though, as soon I will be rid of the pink toilet, and the white cabineted sink.  I will fill my new drawers with florally smelling guest soaps, and the softest of the soft wash cloths, and, and, and I’ll take a nice, hot, bath in my new soaking tub, and I”ll rule the world I tell you… I’ll rule the world!  Change is coming people.

Oak-Bathroom-Vanity-Cabinets  (Check back for progress!)


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