Look Boss! De Plane…er…umm…Balloon!

baloon 2

OK.  So besides the corn, the horses, the cow farms, the rodeo, and all the other country-ish kind of stuff, there are the hot air balloons. They’re a common thing in Libertytown, and my home is located right in their flight path.

Once the weather warms up a bit more (and the tornado type winds die down), I’ll start to see lots of balloons in the sky.  They are beautiful! They’re also very quiet, unless Lacey is out chasing them (her at the bottom of the pic.) They are so quiet that last year I was able to hold a conversation with one of the pilots. “What kind of dog?” He asked. “A loud one.” I said. He laughed.

I’ve seen the balloons in all sorts of colors with various size baskets.  I always think of The Wizard of Oz whenever I see one. There’s no place like home with balloons, barking dogs, cows, corn, rodeo…

I’m looking forward to seeing the balloons again. It’s a little sign that summer is just around the bend… or the corn field.

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