This is Lacey…



Hello, Lacey! This is Lacey.  One day while looking on Craig’s List, I saw lab puppies for sale.  Though I’m all about adopting what’s already out there, there was just something about this sweet face that my family and I couldn’t resist.  I called the listing number.

As luck would have it, Lacey would be old enough to go home with us in August.  She was living in Virginia, and as luck would also have it, we’d be passing by her house on our way back from our vacation at Smith Mountain Lake (another story coming later.) So I made sure to pack a puppy crate, some puppy toys, and a soft puppy blanket, for pick up at the end of the week.

We were so excited.  We couldn’t wait to get our new addition to the family!  We were going to take her everywhere.  She’d ride shotgun in the truck, copilot on the tractor, and stretch out on the back seats of the cars.  We were “stoked”.

When the day finally came to pick up our new puppy, my teen insisted that she should hold Lacey on her lap for the trip home.  Hmm, ok. So now we had our puppy, and we were off.  And then it happened!  We noticed our puppy was getting sick.  Our four hour drive home turned into six hours.  We had to stop every half hour to let Lacey get out and walk. Ok, we thought…she’s just a puppy…she’ll get used to riding in vehicles.

Four years later, Lacey still can’t ride in a car.  She gets car sick. Though Lacey can’t ride with us in cars, or trucks, or tractors, or Kubotas…she seems to be doing good with our RV motor-home (another story.) And, just so she gets to go for a ride with us, we sometimes drive the 40′ motor-home to the 7-11 store.

So far, so good. (Fingers crossed, wipe up towels…ready to go.)

P.S. We named our sweet puppy Lacey, because she likes playing with our shoelaces.

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