Chubasco Luiigi


This is Chubasco Luiigi, a.k.a. Chubs. He is a Jack Russell-American Bulldog mix. Chubs was adopted at 18 months, and is now 9 years old.

Shortly after I adopted him, I picked up more hours at work. Since I didn’t want Chubs to be home sleeping all day, I enrolled him in doggy day care with the infamous Dr. Kim Hammond (vet to the stars). Dr. Kim and his staff loved Chubs so they used him in their advertisements in Baltimore magazine.  Chubs is now a star.

Next, I was contacted by the Maryland film industry, and they came out to photograph Chubs….just in case they would need him for a future commercial, or movie.


Chubs today….eagerly awaiting his call back…pad and pen by the phone.  Hang in there Chubby boy….hang in there.

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