Whaddaya Mean No Grocery Delivery!?!



BACK in the *oldum days, Libertytown had horse-pulled wagon deliveries.  They had milk delivery. They had ice delivery. They had diaper, paper, and brushes delivery. So…for the love of Christmas… why can’t I get grocery delivery?

I had delivery once, but Amazon Fresh informed me that it was just not cost effective to serve my area. The problem appears to be that Libertytown either doesn’t exist on the map, or we’re too far out for anyone to care if we get groceries or not.

I really miss their service – it was good, fast, and easy.

Maybe one day the groceries will just deliver themselves.


* “Oldum” is a word that I used as a 12-year old self, before I finally figured out that the word is olden. I still use oldum to this day.

One thought on “Whaddaya Mean No Grocery Delivery!?!

  1. I miss Amazon home delivery, too! Spoiled for 3 months then left hanging; can’t believe I need to leave the house today for food. I’m sure it will give me much-needed activity and probably more chocolate than I would have purchased online.

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