Antidote for Spring Fever


March is usually the time when I feel my spring fever come on.  Over the years, I tried lots of things to get me from the cold days of March through to the warmer days of spring, (usually around late April to mid May for us Marylander’s.)

Here is a list of things I do that help me through…

  1. Listen to older Beach Boys music while sitting in front of a sunny window. (I will sometimes put on a bathing suit to do this, but only if nobody else is home.)
  2. Dab on “The Beach” perfume by Bobby Brown.
  3. If I’m out of the above, I just sniff sunscreen (the not-so toxic kind. Hmmm…come to think of it…that would explain a lot.)
  4. Read the summer back issues of Home and Garden magazine.
  5. Drink a glass of lemonade…”real squeezed” if I have time.
  6. Find garden projects I can start inside.

Number six actually prompted the following:


I decided that I was going to sell culinary herbs at my local flea market.  I found the cutest potting table through Amazon. It came “ready to be assembled.”


Armed with a few tools (hammer and cordless drill), I began the project.


The enclosed directions were easy, so it wasn’t too hard to put together.


And for my next project…ordering supplies.




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