Those Fleating Moments by The Libertytowner


This is my favorite fun flea market.  Eyler’s Stable, Thurmont, Maryland.

On days when it’s still too cold to “hang” outside, I head over to the local indoor flea market. It’s the perfect place to inspire my spring home decorating projects.


And these are two of my favorite, fun people who are shopping at my favorite fun flea market. Ms. C. is on the left, and Mrs. B is on the right. Ms. C. is a new friend that I met one day while shopping at the flea market.  Mrs. B is an old friend (she’s not old though)that I met many moons ago at my work place. “One is silver and the other is gold.”


There are so many different “things” to shmy at the flea market.


Beside snacking….shmying is one of my favorite things to do.


The actual buying part is pretty fun too!





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