Wonderful, Winter, School-Closed Wonderland by The Libertytowner


Last night, the teenager and I held hands and prayed for school to close. We also did a snow dance. (I made the snow dance up when she and her brother were young-ins.) We feel the same about school closing as a stock broker feels at the end of the day when the market is up, and the closing bell rings.  I’m sure of that! We watched the ticker tape of school closings across the bottom of the television screen. (Seems like we always tune in just at the C’s, and of course…we’re looking for the B’s as in Baltimore County.)


Finally….. the B’s.  “Baltimore County…CLOSED”  We let out screams as if we’d just won the mega millions jackpot.  We watched the scrolling marque twice… just in case our eyes were playing tricks on us.


And the snow kept coming…


And coming….


And coming.  Finally, we decided to plow a little during the day time snow, to make tonight’s plowing just a little easier. It’s supposed to stop snowing by 8:00 p.m., but I’m concerned that maybe we prayed just a little too hard, and danced just a little too long.


Well…..off to watch the school closings for tomorrow.



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