Tiny House Love by The Libertytowner


The Original Tiny House

I think I’ve finally figured out why we like “Tiny Houses.” As I was looking at some photos of small houses and one room apartments, I felt like I was transported back to my teenage bedroom. Now, rest assured, I did not have a stove, sink, or toilet in my teen bedroom (none of which, including the toilet, were an option back in the 70’s), but my room accommodated my basic needs. It was very cozy and it felt safe. It was my own little piece of real-estate (though from time to time my mother would remind me that she owned that room, and she wanted it kept clean).



Inside a Gypsy caravan

I once lived in a huge Victorian farmhouse of which we felt the need to add large additions. The house had many small rooms. It was suggested that we might want to get rid of walls to make an open living floor plan. I thought that idea was horrible. I enjoyed my small rooms, each one with its own very-carefully-thought-out motif.

I have since downsized to a manageable rancher, the thing to do when you want that luxury of fewer steps to travel. Though I still have to carry laundry down to the basement, it is possible to move the washer and dryer to the main floor someday. The rancher also has separate little rooms. And again, I have no desire to make an open floor plan.  However, I am still thinking about putting a tiny house in the back yard.

Tiny House 1



 Feel free to send me links to your favorite tiny house sites.

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