On My Birthday by The Libertytowner

On myyyy birthday I’m going to have a whole bunch of fun!  For the month prior to myyyy birthday, I will drive my family crazy by reminding them that it’s myyyy birthday They will probably roll their eyes and say “yes…..I know.  You’ve only told me 100 times. Enough already.” However, I will not stop.  Do you know why?  Because, it’s myyyy birthday.

So here’s the plan.  Ladies tea in the morning (some place in Glyndon.) Then, I’m off to ride my horse.  Next the family and I are going to dinner at Brewer’s Alley, downtown Frederick. And then we’re going on a spooky, ghost tour walk of historic Frederick.



I am looking forward to learning the sketchy history behind some of the old buildings in Downtown Frederick.  I’m very excited about spending quality time with my family and friends.  I can’t wait to get a meal that I didn’t have to cook.  Do you know why?

Because….it’s myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday 😉

I’ll see you soon (unless the spooks get me first 😮



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