And, here we are…

February 22, 2021. Still working from home, still wondering what’s next.

I’ve been away from WordPress for a while. It seems more difficult to me. I guess I should just take an afternoon and catch up with all the new “stuff” they’ve added. I’m either going to end up “over” the whole online thing, or I’ll get pretty good at it.

I’ve decided to renew my subscription so I can keep an online journal of all the changes that have taken place in my world. One in particular is our new lake house at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. I’m hoping to document this little adventure with photos of all the updates that will be done to the house. I’m also hoping to share all there is to do in the area. Armed with a camera (that I’m learning to use), a drone (that I’m learning to fly), and this WordPress (that will be the death of me I’m sure), I should end up with some pretty good content.

So, this is all for today. Right now I have some Oreos calling my name. See you tomorrow.

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