Hello Again!

I’ve been taking classes to learn blogging, and Photoshop. I’ve been vacationing.  I’ve been researching college information for my daughter.  I’ve been catching up with friends. I’ve been working in the garden.  I’ve been swimming, horseback riding, and enjoying my summer. What I haven’t been doing is blogging, and that’s ok.  I’ve been living life so that I have something to blog about.

I recently visited the Grand Canyon.  I was aw struck by the size of the canyon, but also by it’s history.



Saguaro Cactus


Red Rock Sedona, Arizona


Evening at Pinon Pointe, Sedona, Arizona 2018

Pinon Pointe 2018

If you’ve never seen the canyon… put it on your list of things to do in life.  It’s grand!!

On My Birthday by The Libertytowner

On myyyy birthday I’m going to have a whole bunch of fun!  For the month prior to myyyy birthday, I will drive my family crazy by reminding them that it’s myyyy birthday They will probably roll their eyes and say “yes…..I know.  You’ve only told me 100 times. Enough already.” However, I will not stop.  Do you know why?  Because, it’s myyyy birthday.

So here’s the plan.  Ladies tea in the morning (some place in Glyndon.) Then, I’m off to ride my horse.  Next the family and I are going to dinner at Brewer’s Alley, downtown Frederick. And then we’re going on a spooky, ghost tour walk of historic Frederick.



I am looking forward to learning the sketchy history behind some of the old buildings in Downtown Frederick.  I’m very excited about spending quality time with my family and friends.  I can’t wait to get a meal that I didn’t have to cook.  Do you know why?

Because….it’s myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthday 😉

I’ll see you soon (unless the spooks get me first 😮



Springette on the Farmette by The Libertytowner

It’s been a while since my last post.  Not because I didn’t feel like posting.  I just couldn’t send myself photos.  I thought for sure my phone was hacked, or somebody deleted them, or maybe Russia was taking over my phone.  No such excitement though.  The problem was I typed my email in wrong.  So, somewhere out in the world wide web are my poor lost and lonely photos.  “I’ll miss you guys…”.

Now that things are back to “normal”, I can start posting again.

I give you “The Farm in Spring”







Tiny House Love by The Libertytowner


The Original Tiny House

I think I’ve finally figured out why we like “Tiny Houses.” As I was looking at some photos of small houses and one room apartments, I felt like I was transported back to my teenage bedroom. Now, rest assured, I did not have a stove, sink, or toilet in my teen bedroom (none of which, including the toilet, were an option back in the 70’s), but my room accommodated my basic needs. It was very cozy and it felt safe. It was my own little piece of real-estate (though from time to time my mother would remind me that she owned that room, and she wanted it kept clean).



Inside a Gypsy caravan

I once lived in a huge Victorian farmhouse of which we felt the need to add large additions. The house had many small rooms. It was suggested that we might want to get rid of walls to make an open living floor plan. I thought that idea was horrible. I enjoyed my small rooms, each one with its own very-carefully-thought-out motif.

I have since downsized to a manageable rancher, the thing to do when you want that luxury of fewer steps to travel. Though I still have to carry laundry down to the basement, it is possible to move the washer and dryer to the main floor someday. The rancher also has separate little rooms. And again, I have no desire to make an open floor plan.  However, I am still thinking about putting a tiny house in the back yard.

Tiny House 1



 Feel free to send me links to your favorite tiny house sites.

The Mail Order Cook by The Libertytowner


Some nights I get home from work without a clue of what I should make for dinner.  Oh yes, over the weekend, before grocery shopping, I take the time to make a meal plan for the week.  However, some nights I get home, and I just don’t feel like cooking. Well, tonight was one of those nights until…


I found the love of my life, in my kitchen, unpacking all of this. Superman saw an add for Hello Fresh packaged meals, picked some meals he thought we might like, and ordered them.


Tonight he made fajitas, and they were Gooooo-oooood!  Everything was so fresh.  The produce was perfect.  The meat was tender. The sauce was tasty. I was very impressed.


I can’t wait for our next meals.  Superman ordered three different meals, with portions for four people, but we had way more than that.  We actually have left overs for lunches tomorrow.  Even my picky teen ate the peppers and onions (something that I believe would only occur to signify the end of times).

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

The instructions were very easy to follow, which is good for Superman, who sometimes get’s distracted by the evening news and latest politics on t.v.


As for the other cook (that would be me), well… I have a full belly and the night off.  Kudos to Hello Fresh!!