The Mail Order Cook by The Libertytowner


Some nights I get home from work without a clue of what I should make for dinner.  Oh yes, over the weekend, before grocery shopping, I take the time to make a meal plan for the week.  However, some nights I get home, and I just don’t feel like cooking. Well, tonight was one of those nights until…


I found the love of my life, in my kitchen, unpacking all of this. Superman saw an add for Hello Fresh packaged meals, picked some meals he thought we might like, and ordered them.


Tonight he made fajitas, and they were Gooooo-oooood!  Everything was so fresh.  The produce was perfect.  The meat was tender. The sauce was tasty. I was very impressed.


I can’t wait for our next meals.  Superman ordered three different meals, with portions for four people, but we had way more than that.  We actually have left overs for lunches tomorrow.  Even my picky teen ate the peppers and onions (something that I believe would only occur to signify the end of times).

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The instructions were very easy to follow, which is good for Superman, who sometimes get’s distracted by the evening news and latest politics on t.v.


As for the other cook (that would be me), well… I have a full belly and the night off.  Kudos to Hello Fresh!!

The Easter is Complete! by The Libertytowner


We had blessings, we had ham, we had lamb, we had pastrami (from the infamous Katz’s Deli), we had mac-n-cheese, we had “tater” salad, we had green beans, we had corn casserole, we had carrots, we had bread (lots of bread), we had laughter, we had tons of family all decked out in Easter finery.


We had cakes, cookies, pies, jelly beans, Easter baskets, egg hunts, and sugary “things”, lots and lots of sugary “things”! (Somebody toss away the scale…Pa-Leeeeez!)



We give thanks for we are loved.  There is no feeling so wonderful.






Flower Power by The Libertytowner

Today we’re going on a journey.  A journey through the door and into the garden.  It’s an overcast day in Maryland, but that doesn’t mean we can’t close our eyes and recall the smell of fresh blooms, the buzzing of bees, and the feel of warm sun on our face.  If only I could make this site a “scratch-n-sniff” (unless you’re allergic to flowers…than all bets are off!)  Enjoy!














Sunset Valley Farm By The Libertytowner

Down the street, and around the corner, is the “funny farm.” ( I call it this, because the folks and animals there are constantly making me laugh.)  We have such a good time at the ranch, that I decided to move my horse there permanently.


This is Denver, my American Quarter horse, catching a little sun.


Here’s another horse catching a little sun…


and a cow catching a little sun. It’s always sunny at Sunset Valley.


Er-um….except when it snows!










Wonderful, Winter, School-Closed Wonderland by The Libertytowner


Last night, the teenager and I held hands and prayed for school to close. We also did a snow dance. (I made the snow dance up when she and her brother were young-ins.) We feel the same about school closing as a stock broker feels at the end of the day when the market is up, and the closing bell rings.  I’m sure of that! We watched the ticker tape of school closings across the bottom of the television screen. (Seems like we always tune in just at the C’s, and of course…we’re looking for the B’s as in Baltimore County.)


Finally….. the B’s.  “Baltimore County…CLOSED”  We let out screams as if we’d just won the mega millions jackpot.  We watched the scrolling marque twice… just in case our eyes were playing tricks on us.


And the snow kept coming…


And coming….


And coming.  Finally, we decided to plow a little during the day time snow, to make tonight’s plowing just a little easier. It’s supposed to stop snowing by 8:00 p.m., but I’m concerned that maybe we prayed just a little too hard, and danced just a little too long.


Well… to watch the school closings for tomorrow.



Mountain Memories of Ms. Pat by The Libertytowner

20180316_124806This is Ms. Pat.


Ms. Pat owns Mountain Memories, which is located in Thurmont, Maryland.


Ms. Pat paints Gourds!  She’s a gourd-gal! (I love the Goose gourd!)


Ms. Pat has won awards for her painted gourds.  Gourd awards (giggles.)


She also has these little bunnies.  I love these little bunnies. These bunnies are called Annalee bunnies. You can learn more about their history at


Those Fleating Moments by The Libertytowner


This is my favorite fun flea market.  Eyler’s Stable, Thurmont, Maryland.

On days when it’s still too cold to “hang” outside, I head over to the local indoor flea market. It’s the perfect place to inspire my spring home decorating projects.


And these are two of my favorite, fun people who are shopping at my favorite fun flea market. Ms. C. is on the left, and Mrs. B is on the right. Ms. C. is a new friend that I met one day while shopping at the flea market.  Mrs. B is an old friend (she’s not old though)that I met many moons ago at my work place. “One is silver and the other is gold.”


There are so many different “things” to shmy at the flea market.


Beside snacking….shmying is one of my favorite things to do.


The actual buying part is pretty fun too!